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Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word "Mandala", which means "essence" and "la "
which means "circle" an enclosing perimeter that contains the essence. In early
times, it also sometimes referred to mantras, or verses of Mantra, which are poetic
prayers. In form, it is a visual depiction of Sacred and Holy energy, containing
various levels of Reality and Alternative Realms for the purpose of assisting the
viewer and meditator (usually one who has consciously chosen a Spiritual Path)
to achieve greater levels of Enlightenment, Consciousness, and Healing
The Mandala is primarily used in Buddhist and Hindu Traditions, but the Native Americans use them as Medicine Wheels, and some Kabbalistic Jews use circular formations of Hebrew letters as talismans and prayers. Christian Mandalas were created by St. Hildegard Von Bingen in the 1100's in an effort to visually capture the dynamic of the Divine Cosmos and Man on Earth as God's Creation. C. G. Jung initiated the use of Mandalas in Western European thought by utilizing them as tools for integrating the psyche and accessing the unconscious.

"A Mandala is compassion, it is form, it is infinite wisdom expressing infinite love extended to those caught in the finite - infinite dichotomy to whom it opens a door of liberation, a gateway to freedom, a portal to the infinite.

We might call the Mandala principle the idea that Buddha hood is a perfected reality that does not exclude ordinary reality, thus transforming others as well as self, community as well as individual, environment as well as conscience being." From Mandala: The Architecture of Enlightenment By Robert A. F. Thurman

The personal Mandala accessed through the Akashic Records is a portion of the Light of the Soul. lf you see beauty, elegance, vibrancy , and magnificence in your Mandala, then may you remember that it is the very beauty of your own Light revealed.

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