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The Process

What if you could have a monk or priest or Holy Being pray and meditiate for hours on your behalf?
Would it bring you healing and change your life in some way?
The energy that is held by the Mandala artist while your Mandala is created is equivelant to that vibration.
The process of creating your personal Mandala is initiated with your permission.
Afer meditation, all materials are cleared and blessed.
Your Akashic Records are opened using the Sacred Prayer Method*.
Through your open Records, the images, shapes, forms and colors emerge for your appropriate Mandala.
This entire sequence is repeated as often as necessary to complete the

You will be notified when your Mandala is completed and ready to be delivered.
A discourse about your Mandala is included.

The benefits you may experience with your own Mandala are personal and limitless.
It may become the gateway to your own beauty, and heal what may have created soul separation.
When using a Mandala as a personal meditation tool, it increases vibrational energy to the soul level.
A Mandala can bring forth prosperity, clarity, and support you in soul alignment.

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