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The Artist Roni Reisler studied fiber and textile arts at the Art Institute of Chicago and painting with art critic Franz Schulz at Lake Forest College. She worked as a fabric and accessories designer for Sansappelle in Chicago and maintained her own business studio, creating bridal headpieces, beadwork, jewelry, and interior wall hangings.

In 1990 Roni, with her sister, had the good fortune to attend a workshop on accessing the Akashic Records taught by Mary Parker. This particular spiritual technique is centered on using a simple Sacred Prayer that is the key to allow information to come through while the receiver is still present and conscious. To Roni, it meant that it is possible to consciously and deliberately tap into Divine Source while working on creative projects.

This new information changed her life. Roni and her sister Ellena Lieberman, were spiritually called to teach the Akashic Record method to others. Together, they have traveled in North and South America conducting workshops. The technique has served them both as an exquisite tool to heighten and deepen each of their Spiritual Paths.

When Roni discovered Dr. Judith Cornell's book, Mandalas, Luminous Symbols for Healing, Roni realized how she could integrate her sense of color and design with her Spiritual Path. She shared her realization with her Akashic Records teacher at a retreat in Texas. Mary encouraged Roni's idea to open the Records for guidance to construct Mandalas. Mary scrounged for some paper and colored pencils and directed Roni to "sit down and do it!"

In the next few days, Roni created several Mandalas. The energy was so strong and magnificent that she was certain it was the Path to and from her heart. Within the following months Roni flew to the Santa Cruz Mountains in California to attend an intensive Mandala workshop with Dr. Cornell at an ashram.

She continues her studies and exploration of Mandalas and symbology on a daily basis.

Some of Roni's Mandalas have been exhibited at the A.R.C. Gallery Education Foundation in Chicago, the Akashic Record Consultants International conferences, restaurants, and office lobbies.

The Artist Roni Reisler

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