Spiritual - Healing
"Thank you so is beautiful and I can 't wait to get it framed and up in its place of honor.."
M.D. - Cicero, IL

"I LOVE IT! You are a gracious, talented, special woman..."
M. W., Jacksonville, FL

"It's stunning! Thanks. I'm amazed at your work. Worth the wait, for sure. "
S.B., Naperville, IL

"I picked up the mandala from the frame shop yesterday afternoon. It was gorgeous to say the least. I had them do it with a bamboo frame and a gold glazed looking mat surrounding it that matched the lotus on the outside edge and center. It looked very "etheric." I couldn't wait to share it with somebody that would understand what it was and my best friend was in the hospital so I made a bee line for her and she had a couple of her friends she works with there and one of them told me the mandala looked just like me. It carried my essence! Now you can't get a better compliment for your work than that!!!

Love and bless,
T., Reno, Nevada

I Love it! The background color is my favorite color...Thank you so much.
B. O. Boerne,

Thank you very much for the beautiful mandala. It really is wonderful. It confirmed so many things that I had been feeling and yet was unsure about. Knowing that the angels are with me, guiding me is a great comfort to me. The butterflies also confirmed my belief in the transformation that is going on in my life. I am really looking forward to having it framed...

New York

Thanks you so much for donating to the Heartfelt Foundation's Silent Auction again this year. Everyone LOVES, LOVES, LOVES your artwork. Once again, the bidding was fast and furious....From our hearts to yours...thank you...

The Heartfelt Foundation,
Santa Monica, CA

Thanks you so much for the work you did on my wife's mandala. It really touched [her] heart to see the true representation of her soul expressed in that way. Today, [she] picked out an....expensive gold leaf style wooden frame for it, that will make it a cherished addition to our home. Thank you again.

In peace, love, joy & harmony,
Evanston, IL
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